Hi Shailesh,

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Shailesh Kumar wrote:
Thank you Philipp it works.

Just a small question.
In a URL like:

how does the ++debug++errors work?

It adds the debug skin elements to your current skin.

I don't understand the role of ++ and @@ in URLs well till now.

++name++something means that the traversal adapter called "name" will be called to traverse "something". For example, foo/index.html could be an object called "index.html" in the "foo" folder, but it could also be the "index.html" view for the "foo" folder. So disambiguate, we say foo/++view++index.html to explicitly traverse a view. @@ is a shortcut for that: foo/@@index.html.

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    Shailesh Kumar wrote:
     > Hi all,
     > I am a new zope3 user. I am running zope3 in developer mode with
     > command. A number of times (off course when I am doing something
     > it happens that zope3 gives a blank page with just one line
     > 'A system error occurred'
     > Is there some mechanism to be able to see more details about this
     > error in the browser itself?

    Use the Debug skin via ++skin++Debug or via ++debug++errors (the latter
    is better if you still want to see your own skin).

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