To answer the question right away: No.

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
Since I'm still an eager zope3 newbie the misstakes I make are the kind of misstakes that you can't really write unittests for, like missing directives in the configure.zcml or incorretly use of browser views. This is to an expert simple deployment but since I have to look up everything I do by example or by Phillipps book I tend to make a lot of simple little misstakes. Having to restart every time is quite annoying now. Is there a "module refreshing" tool available yet?

Gintautas Miliauskas once wrote a simple view refreshing tool. It's a hack, I don't know if it works reliably. And it's limited to views. See

I'll give in and rely on unittests instead of trial-and-error once I've got the site up and running but for the moment it feels it's a bore to have to wait for the restart 3-6 seconds for every little change.

I agree. Reloading modules in Python, especially when you store references to global objects like component registries do, is highly non-trivial, though... There are some ideas floating around, but it'll take a bit for us to synthesize them into something that may or may not work... Sorry.


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