Dominique Lederer schrieb:
> hi
> i would like to change the behaviour of extractCredentials in the
> SessionCredentialsPlugin of the PAU.
> i´m still fighting a bit with the framework:
> would i use an adapter for this, or subclassing?
> or would i use the override directive somehow?

hi, made it by subclassing, just feels good to me at the moment.

but there is another question:

i´m building a mysql authentification, which should not look up users
(in the mysql database) on every request. to do this i write
authenticated users PrincipalInfo to a browserid Session. so the user
gets authenticated by principalinfo in the session and sometimes (on
login for sure, and when an custom timestamp expires) by lookup in the
external usertable.

this works, but i had to write all the code in the Credentialsplugin, to
have access to the request object, which i need for adapting with
ISession. My authenticator just passes the principalinfo through.

is there any way to get the request object to be accessable in an PAU

any other comments on my approach?


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