Has anyone gotten sqlos 0.3.0 to work with zope 3.2.1 or later?

I get a pile of rdb.interface not found errors.  When I fix them
I get a pile of annotation.interface errors.  When I fix them I
get a pile of ... well, you get the picture.

If sqlos is broken for zope 3.2.x what other options are there
for using postgresql with zope 3.2?  I have psycopgda 
working correctly (i.e. can use a SQL Script).  Anyone have
a good example of how to use this adapter to do a simple SQL
query in python via zope (I'm a newbie, be gentle) and display
it in an HTML table?

I have googled and keep coming up with the same docs that
I don't understand.

Thanks in advance.
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