Sorry I have to bother you once more regarding formlib & co :-) (really sorry)

In my application I need something very user defined

In the Edit Form "Edit Purchase Requisition" I would like to have a section "Supplier Selection", that should operate as a widget.

Basically I will use a schema "Choice" Field as a base, I will just create another "view" for the choice than the default select field. The whole thing should be seen as generic that returns a value at the end that should be validated and saved: the supplier id
(which is the idea of widgets in general what I understood until now)

Here the details, should include the following:
- question "new supplier?" radiobuttons "yes / no" (onchange event to disable / enable textfields that are part of the same widget) - 2 textfields name+address that allow to enter the new supplier info (disabled when above selection no)
- link to an independent supplier selection page (with search and list view)
- the selection made in the supplier selection page should be updated in the widget as well (overwrite setupWidgets method I think)

when applying the form, check in the custom _validate method of my widget, if radiobutton yes / no.
when yes then add new supplier else just check if value is already in table.

So far the theory, now the first question is, which widget to subclass?

SelectWidget, ItemWidgetBase contain vocabulary and probably too high level.
SimpleInputWidget seems the better choice?


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