On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 09:40:51PM +0100, David Johnson wrote:
> I'm very confused by the following error. Whenever I add certain content 
> components I get the 
> following error when add form is generated (I'm using standard addform).
> ComponentLookupError: ((<decimalwidget.widget.Decimal object at 0x4203972c>, 
> <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance 
> URL=>), 
> <InterfaceClass 
> zope.app.form.interfaces.IInputWidget>, u'')
> I am not sure where to go with this.  I have three different instances of 
> Zope and two 
> generate this error and one does not.  The object listed in the error is not 
> the same between 
> content types, although it is consistent within a content type.

AFAIK the data type Decimal was included into zope some months ago. Maybe
two of your zope instances are outdated.


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