I also had similar problems and added a question to the faq:


Having read FB's description, I now understand that the text is wrong, but the method is ok to remove the IAuthentication utility.

I will correct the text description tomorrow.


FB wrote:

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 12:26:55AM +0200, Jonas Jarutis wrote:

I'm trying to set up a user folder for my site, but i cant get the PAU to work.
I add the Pluggable Authentication Utility object, register it, add
PrincipalFolder and SessionCredentials plugins and register them. Add
a user in the Principal folder. But then i try to login, i just get
redirected to the same login form and nothing happens.
What else do i need to do?

This is what has to be done (in the right order!):
   1. Add a PAU
   2. Make sure, the PAU knows some users - e.g. this way:
      1.Add a principalfolder
      2.Add a principal into the folder
      3.Configure the PAU to use the principalfolder
   3. Make sure, the PAU is able to extract the credentials correctly
      (Session-Credentials are usefull for that)
   4. Register the PAU

Once the PAU is registered, the default IAuthentication utility which provides all the zcml-predefined principals becomes invisible (speak: "useless"). This means, you don't
have a manager any more and you're unable to unregister the PAU again.

For that reason, I wrote a Auth-Plugin which is like a principalfolder but all 
defined there are managers.

However: I wrote a Mini-Howto on how to remove the registration of a PAU 
         Unfortunately it's in german:

-> Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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