Hi! I have question about AnnotationCacheable from module as in subject. Why getCacheId and setCacheId methods gets annotations in different way? I'm talking about:
annotations = IAnnotations(self._context)
annotations = IAnnotations(removeAllProxies(self._context))

The question araised when I tried to checked (in ZMI) programatically adding SQLScript into/by my own product and manually assigning it RAMCache named utility. But I coudn't set (existing and properly registered) cache via ZMI (at least 'Caching' view said that). Beside that RAMCache's statistics seems to told me, that everything is OK, indeed my product worked as expected :) After a few tries I added in ZMI's root folder a new SQLScript via ZMI (the standard Zope2's way) and got the same issue as with my product. On another computer i observed the same problem with 'Caching' view. After small invastigation I stucked with earlier mentioned methods' implementation differences. When I changed getCacheId to the same manner as setCacheId (add: removeAllProxies(self._context)) everything seems to work fine in 'Caching' view...

Thanks for any replies


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