Nobody answered me, so maybe I should additional info about software:
both computers run python 2.4.3, both Zopes are 3.3, first machine is normal PC with Windows2000, second is laptop with Ubuntu. I've tried googling and I've checked the most up-to-date svn version of the file, but nothing give me a single clue due my 'problem'.

Im quite new to Zope3 and i don't want to dig into the bottom of Zope's internals (and please be polite if I missunderstood something, or write unclear - english is not my native language ;)), so far it looks to mi like some bug, cause from the "code's point of view", as I've noticed earlier, evertyhing works just fine, just only the ZMI says it is not... Therefore it's not a big deal to me, but at present time it's immossible to invalidate cache for SQLScript from ZMI as well as 'unregister' cache for a given SQLScript object from ZMI (this would be nice feature, indeed it's not implemented in any way if I'm seeing correctly).


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