Thanx for the guidance.

I did figure out that the whole problem was happening because of threads
trying to access the ZODB. For the time being, I got rid of that, and had a
separate sheduler event which queries the background threads to get update
information and put it in the ZODB. It seems to work well.

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On 1/8/07, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 05:46, Shailesh Kumar wrote:
> In my application, some background threads are being created. But when a
> thread finishes up its work, a strange exception is thrown:
> The callstack doesn't show any part of my application code.

You have to use threads very carefully, if they modify the database. The
correct way is to create a new connection to the ZODB do your work, commit
the transaction and close the connection. Pretty much copy what the
does. Another alternative is to create a new publisher request of course.

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