Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>|Christophe Combelles wrote:
>|> Roy Mathew a écrit :
>|>> Hi all,
>|>> Does anyone know of a canned presentation or slides/papers that would
>|>> help convince an openminded CTO/CIO that Zope (z3) makes business
>|>> sense in a world dominated by huge J2EE and .NET projects.
>|> yes :) but I guess everybody knows it
>|That's about Zope 2/Plone (which still makes it a great presentation, 
>|but I don't think it's what Roy's looking for)

Indeed, I like that presentation very much, and it helped convince our
technology managers that Zope made sense; however, it is too
technically focused - I was hoping for a 15-20 minute sort of thing
with some punch, for the higher level execs.

Roy Mathew.
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