i have some problems with creating a custom edit form. Here is my complete test 

from zope.formlib import form
from zope.publisher.browser import TestRequest

class MyEdit(form.EditForm):

    def __init__(self, context, request):
        self.context = context
        self.request = request

        import pdb;pdb.set_trace() # set debugger break point
        action = form.Action('Edit', success='handle_edit_action')
        self.actions = form.Actions(action)

def test():
    request = TestRequest()
    obj = object()

    myform = MyEdit(obj, request)

If i use this code in Zope then i get an error like this: "Action object does 
not have an attribute 'form' ". So i used the debugger to analyze the code. 
After entering the debugger i looked closer at the 'actions' attribute and the 
'Action' object.

"print form.EditForm.actions.actions[0].__dict__" delivers this:

{'failure_handler': None, 'success_handler': <function handle_edit_action at 
0xb797c3ac>, 'label': u'Apply', 'validator': None, '__name__': 
u'actions.apply', 'data': {}, 'condition': <function haveInputWidgets at 

OK. This is the standard 'Apply' action from the EditForm class.

"print self.actions.actions[0].__dict__" delivers this:

{'validator': None, 'failure_handler': None, '__provides__': 
<zope.interface.Provides object at 0xb7780f6c>, 'form': <test.MyEdit object at 
0xb7767b6c>, 'success_handler': <function handle_edit_action at 0xb797c3ac>, 
'__name__': u'form.actions.apply', 'data': {}, 'condition': <function 
haveInputWidgets at 0xb797c09c>, 'label': u'Apply'}

So my first question is, where does the 'form' attribute come from?

If i step over the following lines:
action = form.Action('Edit', success='handle_edit_action')
self.actions = form.Actions(action)

then "print self.actions.actions[0].__dict__" delivers this:

{'failure_handler': None, 'success_handler': <function <lambda> at 0xb7784844>, 
'label': 'Edit', 'validator': None, '__name__': u'actions.edit', 'data': {}, 
'condition': None}

So the 'form' attribute ist gone, and will be heavily missed by ZOPE. :)
Does anyone know why this happens?



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