I need to trigger periodically activities on various local components (i.e
stored in ZoDB). I found zope.scheduler package which seem to be nice cron-like
tool for Zope. But I did not find a clue how to use it with local components -
in examples it is registered as global utility.

I think about few ways of doing that. Please advice which one is the correct 
 a) make zope.scheduler call via xml-rpc some URLs to trigger the activities
 b) find (how?) local objects from scheduler global utility and trigger 
 c) register scheduler as local utility - it seems to be impossible for me, as
it rather cannot be persistent, can it?
 d) other solution?

The solution b) is the one I feel is the right one. But how to find local
objects? Can I hook into DatabaseOpenedWithRoot event and pass the database
reference to global utility? If yes - how to deal with transactions...?

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