Are you new to Zope? If I understand correctly, yes it is possible and Zope does an excellent job with this. Both Zope books are particularly good in explaining this. Have you referred to either?

On Feb 1, 2007, at 5:51 PM, Sascha Ottolski wrote:


I'm wondering if there is a proper solution to a common problem:
translating a page template with dynamic attributes. If I put something

    <p i18n:translate="">
Hi, please <a tal:attributes="href view/click_url">click</a> here!

in a page template, this wouldn't be translated properly, cause it ends
in a msgid like

    msgid="Hi, please <a href=\"${DYNAMIC_CONTENT}\">click</a> here!"

Therefore I end up writing

    <p tal:content="structure view/renderLink"></p>

    class MyView:

        def renderLink(self):
            return _('Hi, please <a href="${href}">click</a> here!',
                mapping={'href': self.click_url()}

to get a msgid that reads

    msgid="Hi, please <a href=\"${href}\">click</a> here!"

Isn't there a way to express the same in the PT alone? Or should the
first example do the trick, and it should be considered a bug that it

Thanks, Sascha

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