On Tuesday 06 February 2007 08:56, David Johnson wrote:
> Has anyone used Dreamweaver with Zope 3? Any suggestions or tips?  
> The Zope 3 insistence on ++resource++ is a problem.  I'm not sure I  
> understand what the motive of the ++resource++ is as opposed to  
> having files relative to the current directory.

While we have not used Dreamweaver per se, we have developed tools so that 
CSS, JS and HTML files work locally and via the server. See z3c.zrtresource.

As to the namespace question. Imagine you have a resource called project.css. 
Under your proposal it would be available as:


But remember, Zope was originally developed to be a CMS system, so a common 
use case is to allow users to add files/content to the system. So let's say a 
user adds a file called project.css.

What should the above URL return? The resource or  the content (plus default 

Another problem with using relative URLs in the HTML is this. Let's say you 


which shows a view that requests project.css relative to folder:


You now downloaded the same CSS file twice and the browser cache doubles. 
Effectively you disabled browser caching.

Using a resource and calling for the absolute URL guarantees that there are no 
name conflicts or caching issues.

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