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Hi George,

You'll need to use the newer boilerplate (I am running zope 3.3.0 FYI):

from zope.i18n import MessageFactory
_ = MessageFactory("translationdomain")

This can be found here:


See section 7 Porting to Zope 3.3.0

There is other useful information on how to deal with
the other areas of the book which are slightly out of
date as well.

Thanks Vinny
I used
from zope.i18n import MessageFactory
_ = MessageFactory("worldcookery")

as suggested and made a bit of progress. Yet to work out necessary changes to the time_report.mapping['time_to_cook'] = 45
line - but working on it.

Have printed off a copy of What's New In Zope 3.3 as reference.
Fortunately my Melbourne bookshop who supplied First Edition just a few weeks ago has agreed to replace it with 2nd ed when it arrives.

George Wright

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