I have the following objects structure:

ISomeContainer (subclass IContainer)
  IPlot (subclass of IContainer)
    IPlotPoint (subclass IContained)

IPlotPoint is rather a simple object, containing X and Y of the point
I would like to provide all the IPlot's in ISomeContainer as CSV files using
WebDAV, to allow easy getting the data into Excel.

The problem is that for some reason WebDAV always list all IPlot's as Web
Folders, not as files. I cannot make zope to list IPlot as file in WebDAV 

I don't know how to override this. I wrote my own adapter for IPlot, but it
seems to be never called:

<adapter for=".interfaces.plot.IPlot"
 factory=".csv.PlotAsCsvFile" permission="zope.Public" />

How to wire this adapter into WebDav? Should I do that another way?


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