On 2/16/07, Andreas Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am trying to use zope.component (Zope3 3.0) within a Python module
(not running the whole Zope 3 boilerplate). I want to register a utility.
What is the correct way to setup the registries (in particular the Utility
registry) in order to register utilities?

I don't think you need to set up the registries. There should be a
base Global Registry in place already.

Quite some time ago, I used zope.component, zope.interface, and a
couple of other core supporting packages (zope.exceptions,
zope.testing) in a command line tool. I didn't need to do any
bootstrapping. I was able to use `zope.component.provideUtility`

I used packages extracted manually from Zope 3.1. I'm not sure what
`zope.component (Zope3 3.0)` is like. If it's from Zope3 3.0.0, it may
be radically different than what I used. I believe Zope 3.1
implemented the "Simplify Component Architecture" proposal which got
rid of extraneous bits like Services, and as such may be a bit easier
to work with.

Jeff Shell
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