Hello hello,

Using the Zope3 books and tutorials, I developed classes and interfaces for
a Zope3 product: a Mobile Home catalog (as in product listing)
I have a product folder, that contains Mobile Home instances, which in turn
can contain images.

Now I want this turned into a website. Can anyone point me to a guide on

I already did this over a year ago:
The only problem I have with my previous solution is that the website skin
and the Mobile home product are combined in 1 Zope3 product. I also use the
ZMI quite a lot for the website structure.

I would like to separate the website parts from the Mobile Home code, so I
can start integrating other Zope3 products with the website. (like a blog)
Somehow it seams difficult.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Regards, Robert-Reinder Nederhoed

PS - I run Zope3.2 on Ubuntu Linux

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