David Johnson wrote:
I am curious what methods people use to implements simple web site menus? It seems to be this must be a common task.

So far I've done this as follows:
1. Create a skin
2. Create a content type Menu as Ordered Container
3. Create a content type MenuItem as contained by Menu
4. Add a Menu and fill it with MenuItems
4. Register Menu
5. Create a macro which returns the Menu using zapi.getUtility()
6. Use the macro in the skin, and display all the MenuItems.

Hi, David

You can do it that way.

I've been successful with the browser:menu... directives in zcml. The following, as part of my browser/configure.zcml file, actually creates an IBrowserMenu utility with a name of "myMenu". I have another set of menuItems for the same menu for different interfaces, so the same named menu has different items at different parts of the site.

I find it handy to have this configuration in the same file where I configure the names of the pages.

<!-- name the menu -->
       title="Main menu"
<!-- MAIN MENU -->
       title="Main Page"

       title="About Us"

- Jim Washington
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