> Yes, this is what I'd recommend. A handler for an ObjectAddedEvent will
> always see the object already as part of the object hierarchy (which is,
> after all, what ObjectAddedEvent is about).

I found myself doing this quite often.
I use a decorator to make the code read nicer..

class MyContainer(Container):

    def setup(self)
        self['subobject'] = SomeObject()
        self['subobject2'] = AnotherObject()

def callafteradd(method):
    """Decorator which invokes a method after an instance
    has been added to a container.
    caller_locals = sys._getframe(1).f_locals
    if caller_locals.get('__callafteradd__') is None:
        caller_locals['__callafteradd__'] = ()
    caller_locals['__callafteradd__'] += (method,)
    return method

def ObjectAddedHandler(event):
    callafteradd_methods = getattr(ob, '__callafteradd__', ())
    for f in callafteradd_methods:

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