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1. Is Zope3 already in use in productive environments? Where are they (URLs)?

Sure, a lot of people on the zope3-users list are using Zope 3 in production. In particular, many Zope solution providers like Zope Corp, gocept, Infrae, Lovely Systems, etc. are using Zope 3 in production with several projects and have open-source'd a lot of their code (mostly at Canonical is using Zope 3 for Launchpad ( Schooltool is written in Zope 3 as well (

Now, where should we start with it in Zope3 to connect it to an RDBMS?

Using an object-relational mapper such as SQLObject or SQLAlchemy. Then you either write the bridging code from Zope to those yourself (hook the two transaction systems together, etc.), or you use one of the already-existing bridging solutions, sqlos ( or z3c.zalchemy (

3.2 sqlos - SQLObject Support package (
Is it stable? Has someone experiences with it?
Stephan Richter says: "On the other hand, not many people use sqlos, so
it might not be as supported as you wish it would be." Is that still right?

I know of a larger project that uses sqlos in production ( I know that there are people using and maintaining sqlos, but I can't say to which degree. Best is you ask specific questions on the sqlos mailinglist (

I should note that SQLAlchemy seems to become the more popular ORM in the Python world these days. Consequently it seems to be the more popular one among Zope 3 developers as well.

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