Florian Lindner wrote:
this is the entry from principals.zcml created by mkzopeinstance (a bit modified):

    password_manager="Plain Text"

but can I set a id that does not contain a dot?
I ask because I display DC creator metadata on a page and something like Florian just looks better than something.Florian.

Principal IDs should preferrably have dots in order to attempt to be unique throughout the whole Zope instance, even if there is more than one principal source around (and two principal sources could both have a Florian principal, so they better be distinguishable).

The Principal ID isn't really something to show to the public. You want to get a hold of the principal that's behind soemthing.Florian (principal = getUtility(IAuthentication).getPrincipal(id)) and then print its title (principal.title).

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