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On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 12:31:22PM -0500, Giovannetti, Mark wrote:
Thanks for confirming some of my questions!  Is there a book
that you would recommend that explains how python deals with
all this?

I liked Mark Pilgrim's _Dive into Python_.  I don't remember if it goes
into details about how Python modules work.

In fact, this is how Python imports modules: it executes the .py file of the module. (It does this at most once during the program's execution, unless you explicitly ask it to reload modules. Zope 3 never asks.)
Great, now I think I have a good handle on what is going on.  This
also explains why I have to restart zope when I make code changes
(something that puzzled me very briefly when I started learning).

So if I wanted to register utilities without using ZCML, I could
place the provideUtility(...) calls in an or directly
within the utility's .py module.  Yes?

Yes, but only if you could make sure that your package or module was
imported during Zope 3 startup.

Grok uses a similar scheme, as far as I understand: you declare your
adapters and utilites in Python code, and then a single ZCML directive
in the grok: namespace loads your package and registers everything.

Grok still makes a difference between *import time* and *configuration time*. I would not encourage doing component setup at import time. It doesn't play well with tests, for example, and it's hard to override (you have to do imports in the right order).

Does Grok have a website?

Not yet. A prototype is at

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