On Saturday 03 March 2007 13:49, Myles English wrote:
> Can anyone please tell me what might be causing this error when I try to
> start zope?  I used to be able to fix it temporarily by commenting out the
> parts of a browser.skin.configure.zcml but I have forgotten how and never
> understood why anyway.  It looks like it is something to do with absolute
> and relative paths, maybe.  I have looked for missing dots at the start of
> paths to packages and they are all there.  I've recently tried to update
> the one skin I have as per http://kpug.zwiki.org/WhatIsNewInZope33 . Used
> to get the same message but with the rotterdam layer before I upgraded to
> the latest svn trunk but I can't remember how to fix it. (Damn).

Something is really messed up with your setup. Such errors should not occur on 
a standard Zope 3 installation/checkout.

Stephan Richter
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