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I'm playing again with the notion of categories of objects.

I have two main goals:
1) I must let the user choose the category of an object added to the zodb. For this, I must be able to retrieve the list of categories and present them in a form field managed by a vocabulary (or in a different manner).
2) I must have different behaviours for categorized objects:
objects of different categories would have different views, different addMenuItems (if they are containers), etc.

the first requirement would tell me to define categories as objects, while the second one would tell me to define them as interfaces.

The possible solutions I see:

1) The simplest solution is to store the categories as text strings into the annotations of the object. So categories actually are just tags.

2) The second solution is to do the same, but replace text strings with category objects, that implement ICategory. And categories can be stored separately in a category container, or in a registered utility that gives the list of available categories. This is a bit better, but this way I don't know how to easily let my categorized objects behave differently according to their categories.

3) The third solution is to define categories as interfaces extending ICategory. I can retrieve the list of categories with ICategory.dependents But to present them in a form, I must have a pretty name for each interface. Should I store them in a Tagged Value?

4) The fourth solution I see, is to define an interface type, ICategoryType, extending IInterface just like IContentType. Then my categories would be interfaces whose type is ICategoryType. But with IContentType, is there a way to retrieve the list of all available content types?

I've finally mixed 3) and 4) :

I have defined ICompany(Interface), IClient(ICompany), IProvider(ICompany)
And I have an ICompanyType(IInterface) interface type
I've set the type of IClient and IProvider as ICompanyType in zcml.

ICompany has a "types" attribute, for which I've redefined __getattr__ and __setattr_:
__getattr__ retrieve the ICompanyType interfaces from the object
__setattr__ calls noLongerProvides then alsoProvides to change the interfaces.
I think that it's not work: "alsoProvides" and "directlyProvides" change interfaces only in memory, it's not persistent changes (after restart Zope yours object will be only basic interface) .
(sorry my honor english).

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