Hi everybody,

I have a formlib based form. It is not accesible from an application
menu because it is part of a wizard like process.

The first time it gets called the url looks something like this:


So in the update() method of the form I read the myarg argument from the
request and use it to setup some widgets in a particular way.

The problem is that when the action buttons of the form are clicked, and
the form is reloaded, the 'myarg' argument is lost and I run into

I need a way to keep 'myarg' information in my form for subsequent
calls. Ideally I would like some mechanism that ends writing an <input
type="hidden" id="myarg" value="23"/> tag in the html because that way
my code:

def update(self):
  data = self.request['myarg']

will still work, right?

I have thought about extending the formlib template to just do that or
maybe adding a form.Field to my form with a special Widget associated to
it. No idea of what's the best aproach.

Anyone has pointer for this?


Lorenzo Gil

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