Dominique Lederer schrieb:
> i have a viewlet where this method resides:
> def title(self):
>       from zope.i18nmessageid import MessageFactory
>       _ = MessageFactory('my_domain')
>       return _(self.__name__)
> the pagetemplates for the viewlet renders the title like
> <p tal:content="view/title" />
> the templates renders without errors, but if i use i18nextract to get the
> message catalog, my title(s) never get cataloged.
> what am i missing?

i just tried a bit more, so i guess the problem is, that self.__name__ is in my
case dynamically filled.

is the only way there to add these entries by hand to the .mo file, or are there
other approaches to this?

thanks, Dominique
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