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Am Donnerstag, 15. März 2007 21:14 schrieb Jonathan:
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Subject: [Zope3-Users] Disable raw directive in restructured text

> Hello,
> I'm using this code to render a rest snippet to HTML:
>    def convertToHTML(self, comment):
>        """ Converts a comment from restructured text to HTML. """
>        text = unicode(comment.content)
>        renderer = ReStructuredTextToHTMLRenderer(text, self.request)
>        return renderer.render().strip()
> Since the text in entered by users I want to disable the raw directive
> [1].
> How can I do this? (only while rendering this text, not globally)

How about passing the original (ie. user-entered) ReST data to your display
widget which then strips the 'raw::' string from the rest data before
calling convertToHTML?

Alternatively, pass an additional arguement to convToHTML which is a flag
that tells the routine whether or not to strip the raw command from the
passed text string before processing it.

Of course it's possible to strip it before passing the text to the rest
renderer. But maybe somebody wants to really print .. raw:: html, maybe
giving an example of the directive. If I would have stripped the raw there
would be no text at all, but I want the raw to be treated just like any other

If you want to preserve the raw command, how about swaping the 'raw::' directive for a placeholder (eg. ||rw|| ), process the ReST data normally, then swap the 'raw::' command back in place of the placeholder?

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