Mark, Jonathan (Integic) wrote:
Phillip says in his book not to use DTML any more.

Where? I don't say that at all in the book. I mention DTML 4 (!) times in my book and nowhere do I discourage the use of DTML.

However, I am
finding that what is easy in DTML, producing an Atom 1.0 feed, for
instance, is harder in ZPT. I get peculiar errors telling me that my
XML boilerplate is not valid. DTML doesn't care.

That is interesting. ZPT was especially created for dynamic HTML and XML markup. If the ZPT parser tells you your XML isn't valid, then it's simply not valid, dude, not even with DTML.

I notice that in the Zope 3.3 ZMI you can create a DTML page. So is
DTML going to be supported for the next few years?

That DTML Page thing is an artefact of a long abandoned idea regarding through-the-web development. It will probably stick around, but nobody to my knowledge uses it in any kind of Zope 3 development. Even the Python API to DTML is rarely used...

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