On Thursday 22 March 2007 07:29, eXt wrote:
>         I'd like to register things like default skin or logout adapter
> (<adapter factory="zope.app.security.LogoutSupported" />) per application
> (my local site), not per Zope instance via overrides.zcml. Is it possible
> to use z3c.baseregistry for that?

Yes, this is what we are using it for. ;-)

>         If so I'll be glad to see any introduction or code example of how
> to use this package. I'm a bit lost after reading baseregistry's doctests.

Can you be more specific? I think you can get the gist of things by looking at 
the ZCML snippets in the main README.txt file and how to register a base 
registry in the browser/README.txt file.

>         One more thing - how should I install z3c.baseregistry after I
> checkouted it from the repository? There is only 'src' folder and no
> 'setup.py' script. I manually copied files but I suppose it is not a
> preffered way of installing it.

That is one way of doing it. In our projects we usually use the following 


You then need some custom scripts to register src/ and Zope3/src everywhere in 
the Python path. Not too bad though.

Others use buildout and eggs (which I really need to look at too).

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