Dear Frank, Mats,

thank you for your helpful answers.
after adding the add attribute for the containerViews i have the add
menu for the type category

unfortunately this information i couldn't find in any documentation :-(

On 3/24/07, FB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 03:27:31PM +0100, Ivan Horvath wrote:
> Dear All,
> i'm rather new to zope3, thus knowing more and more, but still i have
> many problems.
> first i displayed the container contents with the very fast solution
> containerViews in browser/zcml
> it was nice, i have everything what i need, of course i could Add new
> object in the container, because i had an Add menu.
>  <browser:addMenuItem
>      title="Type Category"
>      factory="fa.TypeCategory"
>      view="addTypeCategory.html"
>      permission="zope.ManageContent"
>      />
>  <browser:page
>    for=""
>    name="addTypeCategory.html"
>    class=".helper.TypeCategoryAddForm"
>    permission="zope.ManageContent"
>    />
> i had to create a customized contents view page, so created a new view
> object. it is inhertied from BrowserView.
> this is the page declaration in zcml:
>  <browser:page
>      for="..interfaces.ITypeCategoryContainer"
>      name="index.html"
>      class=".helper.TypeCategoryContainerView"
>      permission="zope.View"
>      template=""
>      menu="zmi_views" title="List"
>      />
> for the display of the contents i use zc.table solution
> the problem is here, because the nice Add menu is disappeared.
> what can be the problem?

You can include the menu for adding subobjects like that:

  <div tal:replace="structure context/@@commonTasks" />

Don't forget to provide an adding-view for your container like this:

  <containerViews add="zope.ManageContent" />


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