I am hoping that Zope 3 assigns an RFC 4122 UUID to each content item. If not, I am hoping there is a third-party product to do this.

I would like RFC 4122 UUIDs to provide standard Atom feeds of Zope content [1].

It will be better if Zope itself assigns UUIDs, so that there is a single source and not a possibility of multiple packages assigning different UUIDs to the same content item.

I googled (of course) but was unable to draw any definite conclusions from my results.



[1] http://www.atomenabled.org/developers/syndication/atom-format-spec.php#element.id

The "atom:id" element conveys a permanent, universally unique identifier for an entry or feed.

atomId = element atom:id {

Its content MUST be an IRI, as defined by [RFC3987]. Note that the definition of "IRI" excludes relative references. Though the IRI might use a dereferencable scheme, Atom Processors MUST NOT assume it can be dereferenced.

When an Atom Document is relocated, migrated, syndicated, republished, exported, or imported, the content of its atom:id element MUST NOT change. Put another way, an atom:id element pertains to all instantiations of a particular Atom entry or feed; revisions retain the same content in their atom:id elements. It is suggested that the atom:id element be stored along with the associated resource.

The content of an atom:id element MUST be created in a way that assures uniqueness.

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