Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 04 April 2007 14:34, Derek Richardson wrote:
I believe that that will not guarantee a *universally* unique id, but
only an id unique within that ZODB. Am I wrong?

Well, intid guarantees to be unique for this Zope instance, even accross multiple databases conencted to this Zope instance. All you have to do is to id the Zope instance, for example, ip+port should suffice.

One problem we see in Plone (which has similar types of extrinsic ids) is that if you export/import into a new site, ids are not stable (unless you exported the entire site, including the id). When used for e.g. references between objects, these break.

If UUIDs were essentially hashes that'd make this problem managable. I'm not sure if this particular approach solves that though.


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