Douglas Douglas wrote:
Hi everyone.

I've been fighting with this for a while now. So I mail the list for a

I have a `Variable` class wich I subclass from OOBTree, because I need a
dictionary with the min, max options that OOBTree methods give. My object is
supposed to store datetime.datetime instances as keys and floats numbers as
values. eg: temperature[datetime(2007, 4, 6, 12, 8)] = 25.8

I didn't use BTreeContainer because only takes strings as keys, and I don't
want to map datetime to strings and back.

Here's my class definition:

class Variable(OOBTree, Contained):

    implements(IVariable, IAttributeAnnotatable)

    name = None
    units = None

class Variable(Persistent, Contained):
     def __init__(self):
            self.__mydata = OOBTree()
def keys(self, min, max ....):
           return self.__mydata.keys(min, max, ....)

For example see implementations in  "zope/app/container/"
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