Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 05 April 2007 15:28, Jürgen Kartnaller wrote:
Please do not use an annotation!

This is a performance issue. Your data is very small so do not create a
new object in the database store it directly as a property on the
instance. Every object lookup is expensive, especially if you use ZEO!

Hey Juergen, come on! I know you guys are on an optimization trip at Lovely, but this is great information to store on an annotation. The UUID does not usually need to be looked up and is mainly for external world reference, such as feeds like Derek metioned he wanted.

The package is also an add-on. You don't need it, then do not use it. As further optimization, Derek mainly needs this id for a very specific set of content types, so I would narrow the subscriber to only give those special types a UUID.

I know, everything starts simple, I remember last year when we used our sample data with 12 users and 500 books, now we have 1200 users and 100000 books (350000 objects registered in the intid utility) in the production system and this is just the beginning.

The simple thing is now a complex one and performance is an issue everywhere.


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