The background....

I have created a simple skin. I have a viewlet in this skin. The viewlet
populates a Sidebar. If I create a page template in the file system and
configure it via ZCML, the viewlet works. 

I also want to create some pages through the ZMI and I am using page
templates and my skin to do so. These pages cannot display the viewlets,
the following error is produced...

File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/zope/contentprovider/",
line 57, in __call__
    view = econtext.vars['view']

I assume that the above error simply means that the viewlet code is
attempting to render a view on an object. Since the ZMI page template
has no object, the viewlet cannot find it. I suppose the clue is in the

My questions...

Can you use a skin containing viewlets in page templates created through
the ZMI (and if so is it wise)?

Is my conceptual approach wrong? Are the generic pages generally
contained in the python package? Is the web-site normally a zope object
with these as views on that object?

I am using Zope 3.3.1.

Thanks in advance

Kevin Gill

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