On behalf of the Zif Collective we are pleased to announce the release
of the following packages:

WSGI middleware providing gzip compression for HTTP server output. Does
what mod_gzip/mod_deflate does in apache, but if your Zope 3 is not
behind apache, this may be useful.  Highly configurable for choosing
what gets compressed, but does not compress unless the client allows.

Zope 3-enabled WSGI middleware to manipulate css and javascript elements
in the HTML header.  It's essentially the same utility as
zc.resourcelibrary, except implemented as WSGI middleware.

WSGI middleware for javascript compression. Configurable levels of

JSON/JSON-RPC support for Zope 3. Now with zif namespace.  Employs
python-cjson (fast and compliant) for coding/encoding JSON if
python-cjson is installed.

Document-oriented XHTML templating for Zope 3. Use lxml's elementtree
API and XPath functionality to generate pages.  This is fairly alpha --
interfaces and scope are still in flux. 

The Zif Collective is a growing collection of useful packages for Zope
3, although it is intended that some of the packages will find utility
in other python efforts. Our software packages are available as eggs or
tar.gz sources at the Python Cheese Shop and Sourceforge. We welcome
your feedback and participation to improve our offering. You will find
our landing page at:


Jim Washington
David Pratt

The Zif Collective contains no harmful chemicals.
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