On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 12:40:54PM +0200, Sascha Ottolski wrote:
> Hi,
> reading through zope.app.session, I couldn't find any built-in support 
> for session_start and session_end events, similar to what existed in 
> Zope2. Are there any recipies for such a use case? Searching the web 
> didn't gave me pointers.
> And by the way, is it possible to programmatically access the sessions 
> of other users? If so, how would one do this? Of course I'm well aware 
> that security issues might arise.
> The use case for both questions would be to find out if a user 
> is "online", as an information displayed to other users.

There's a persistent object in software space which stores the user session 
However, there's no identification of the user stored in there - except of the
login credentials (->only if you use the Session-Credential-Plugin of PAU).

You'll have to either assign i.e. the principal id to a user's session data
on session creation or be happy with the login name.


from zope.app.session.interfaces import ISessionDataContainer
from zope.app import zapi

def getlogins():
   for session in sessions:
      if 'zope.app.authentication.browserplugins' in session:
         yield session['zope.app.authentication.browserplugins'].getLogin()

(untestet, dangerous, no warranty, ...)


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