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I need a custom widget that I can use to display/get an IP for a "Computer object" that I've written. I've tried looking at zope.schema.TextLine as a starting point to making a widget that can store each octet of the IP address separately, but to no avail. The #zope channel on irc.freenode.net isn't very helpful since most of those folks are zope2 users. I was wondering if anyone could give me a hint on where to start looking.
-Aaron Cripps

I would do the following:
- just use a TextLine schema field for the ip
- add a custom schema constraint that checks the dots and values of the ip 
- use the default textline widget associated with the TextLine schema field
- optionaly add a bit of javascript that helps the user entering a correct value
- add some method that can access individual octets of the ip if necessary

that seems simpler to me than implementing a multi-field text widget

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