I'm not sure if it is an error or my mistake in using ItemAction.

I have some multiform inheriting from GridItemFormBase. 
I had "Edit Items" and "Save Items" actions.
They are implemented as @parentAction decorator. 
Now I decided that I want to have per-item actions
(buttons displayed in subform row, not below the table). 
So I changed decorators to @itemAction.

"Edit Item" still works fine (i.e enables edit mode for particular row), 
but "Save Item" stopped to work. 
It does not change values for the item to the ones entered in edit boxes. 
It seems that 'data' parameter after handleSubmit contains only 
'selected' checkbox value, instead of all the data. 
For some reason validator does not load data from other widgets.

Am I missing some important step in using @itemAction?

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