Hello everebody.
  Trying to use Catalog with the package based on S.Richter messageboard 
  Add Catalog via ZMI. Add UniqueId Utility. Add Text index, with the interface 
ISearchableText, callable field searchable_title. Write 
adapter:implements(ISearchableText), adapts(IMessage), def searchable_title 
… return self.context.title.
  Ok. After adding messages i can reindex my catalog, and numbers of documents 
and words are increased. I can do it from zmi and from code. I can also call 
DocCount() and WordCount() from code. It works. But I can`t call aplly() or 
searchResult() L Got: Forbidden attribute: apply. It looks like that only the 
methods which have permission: ManageServices (I can see it via  Introspector) 
are working. What about the others? Their permissions are: n/a but cant call 
em, even with the manager rights. Where I did the mistake?

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