On Tue, Jun 05, 2007 at 12:59:32PM +0200, Adam Groszer wrote:
> Tuesday, June 5, 2007, 12:50:40 PM, Hermann wrote:
> > During development and especially refactoring, I'm often confronted with
> > cleaning up import statements.
> > Missing imports are reported by Python, however, unneeded imports are not. I
> > don't know if unneded imports are a performance issue, nevertheless it
> > probably makes sense to clean them up from time to time.
> > Therefore I wonder if there's some tool that can automatically check if an
> > import is needed or not. Probably this is easy to write, but perhaps 
> > somebody
> > has already done so?
> > What would be nice, would also be a tool that crawls through a python 
> > package
> > and also checks any missing imports and reports all of them at once. When I
> > refactor code, I often have to restart zope3 over and over, only due to
> > missing import statements.

I have a quick-and-dirty python script that does exactly this.  It
cannot handle the "new" Zope import style which is

  import somepackage.somesubpackage
  from somepackage import otherpackage
  import somepackage.otherpackage.othersubpackage

  x = somepackage.somepackage.somevar
  y = otherpackage.othersubpackage.othervar

and which I don't personally use.  (If I wanted verbosity, I know where to
find Java).

(And while I'm on the topic of strong opinions:

    A: No.
    Q: Should I include quotations after my reply?


> Z3 has an importchecker:
> """Import checker
> This utility finds unused imports in Python modules.  Its output is
> grep-like and thus emacs-friendly.
> ...

I ought to try this one out some day...  

> Althought pyflakes works for me better.
> http://www.divmod.org/projects/pyflakes

pyflakes doesn't handle imports that are used by doctests only, e.g.:

  import doctest
  import something

  def doctest_foo():
          >>> use something

  def doctest_bar():
          >>> use something

  def test_suite():
      return doctest.DocTestSuite()

Can the import checker in Z3 handle this?

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