hello list,

i have to focus the following development objective:

on a runnung Zope3.3-system there are:
 - a zope3-Object "A"
 - a zope3-Object "B"
 - an Utility with a list of event(name)s (e.g. 'shutdown')

each object "A" and "B" have event-inputs and -outputs.

now we take the event "shutdown" an give the object "A"
the facility to send/raise this event.

on the other hand we configure objekt "B" to "hear" on
event "shutdown" by a general event handler to call
some method(s).

When the registration of an event between the objects and
the utility is bidirectional, this utility is some kind of
"event crossbar switch" like

obj 1           <->             <->             0
obj 2           0               0               <->
obj 3           0               <->             0
                obj a           obj b           obj c

which _dynamically_ can be configured through the web.
(some other aspects are routing, metric/priority, detection
of event cycle ...)

Is there some piece of code? Any ideas?

I have to implement such crossbar switch this week (and
want to publish a link to sourcecode here)

any help welcome, Markus.

ps. should i crosspost to zope3-dev?

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