On Monday 28 May 2007 18:18, George Wright wrote:
> Previously I had no zc, z3c packages installed.

Correct, the default Zope 3 installation does not come with this.

> How do I make these new or updated packages available via my regular
> Zope 3 instances?

If you are not using egg-based development -- no worry, it is not officially 
documented and supported yet -- then simple SVN checkouts of the packages 
would be best: For example:

svn co svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/z3c.form/src/z3c/form Zope3/src/z3c/form


svn co svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/z3c.form/src/z3c/form 

Alternatively, if you are using SVN for your development, you can create 

> Is that a legit thing to do?


> Is it just a matter of including the demo in PYTHONPATH?

Yes. By putting it in the right place though, you do not have to worry about 
the Python Path at all. Of course, you will have to add the ZCML links as 

> How do you folks at the sharp end of zope development tie in the old with 
the new?

We switch at some point. :-) All projects that I started before last month use 
the old method utilizing SVN externals. All new projects I do with the 
egg-based approach.

> I realise that I don't understand  the relationship between zc, z3c
> and zope3?

These are just namespaces.

zope - All generic Zope 3 packages originally developed for Zope 3, the 

zc - Packages developed by Zope Corporation.

z3c - Packages developed by Zope 3 community developers that share their work.

> Am I correct to assume that zc & z3c are packages under 
> development that will eventually migrate to zope 3 ?

No. They will always stay at this namespace. Once we switch to egg-based 
releases, Zope 3 will be more like a Linux distribution, where you choose the 
packages to be installed.

> That zope 3.3.1 
> (which I don't have) might have included most of the new zope
> distributions I downloaded as well as some others of the z3c kind
> renamed to zope?? Is that the way it works?

No, z3c and zc packages are meant to be downloaded as third-party packages.

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