On Wednesday 20 June 2007 04:14, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> I had a quick look into this yesterdag. My (proably naive) idea was to
> add an keyword argument to registerUtility telling that the component
> is a factory and needs to be instantiated before actual registration.

No, that would be the wrong place. I think this is a configuration problem and 
the configuration handler for the <utility> directive needs to handle this 

> 1) Maybe this part of the discussion should be on zope3-dev, I realize

Yes, definitely.

> 2) Phillip provided me with the following insight: "Don't register
> during import time. Don't look up during registration time" [1],

Yes, I agree with him.

> which, well, makes sense to me. In that sense, the current behaviour
> is not a bug at all, nor a feature. Just an implementation detail that
> should not be relevant.

Right, buit the fact that you and others (aehm, me) have fallen into the trap 
suggests that it is an unexpected behavior.

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