Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 June 2007 13:55, Daniel Nouri wrote:
>> Isn't it reasonable to expect an action to 
>> execute although it's not visible when the form is rendered again?
> Nope. For me the condition is a condition of availability and not visibility.

That's exactly where I feel it's behaving counter-intuitively: I expect that
if my form has a button (action) in this page, that it's still "available"
for the next request.  Because the user is reacting on what he saw, not what
he will see.

Would it do much harm if the actions were available for execution always and
only their visibility was controlled by the condition?

I don't like how formlib apparently ignores a request for performing an
action that's not available (but present).  Wouldn't it be better to raise
an error in this case?  I imagine it's never useful to just ignore an action
that's been requested.


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