On Wednesday 06 June 2007 11:11, Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
> I'm currently studying your doctests in z3c.form and I have to say, they
> are really nice to read and understandable! Thanks!

Great! I am glad you like it.

> I'm through with forms.txt and found some minor issues, so I attached a
> modified version, moreover I outlined codelines which I did not understand,
> so maybe these could be more verbose.

I have applied the changes and added an explanatory note at one of your 
question places, since they basically both were the same.

> Moreover I wanted to know if you had a look at my ORM-problem I sent you
> some days ago - probably you did not find time to write a demo for it,
> however, I would be glad to know if you think that my case can be handled
> via z3c.form.

The problem you sent has really very little to do with ORM, but a complex 
object setup. I attempted to address all your needs in the new "Address Book" 

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