It seems that the z3c.formdemo examples are based on pagelets, as they seem to 
perfectly integrate with z3c.form. Therefore I had a look at it and moreover 
at z3c.layer.pagelet, which is a minimal skin for a pagelet based 

What I don't fully understand is if a pagelet-based design/skin replaces 
macro-based skins.

I understand pagelets in a way, that they separate content and layout, whereas 
layout means "everything around the content", e.g. Header, Logo, Toolbar, 
Navigation etc. - is that true?

Moreover I assume that every pagelet requires a view class that is based on 
the class "BrowserPagelet". However, a simple HTML-page, e.g. an "Intro"-Page 
or the like does not require any view, therefor I'd rather implement it via a 
simple page template and register it via the <browser:page ...> directive. 
But how would I use my layout templates in this case? Or do I have to write a 
dummy class for this page, assign acontent template and register it as 

I also don't fully understand the advantage of a pagelet over a page/view: Why 
is it important that the layout is customizable for every view? Isn't it 
common that a skin and therefore the layout is the same in the entire 

So perhaps the decision if to use pagelets or not boils down to the following 

1) If you need different layout throughout your application, use pagelets
2) If not, use browser pages / views and skin macros

Is that true?

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