Thierry Florac a écrit :

I'd like to get a view output from some Python code.

Actually, I don't have any problem if I use a page template with a
simple <tal:x content="structure context/@@viewname" /> expression and
return "self.template()" in Python.
But it should certainly be "cleaner" and less expensive to get view
output directly from Python code, which I don't actually manage to do...

So any advise to this probably simple problem would be welcome.

It depends on what you call a view,
if this is a BrowserPage, you have a __call__ method that returns the output.
so just call your view().
If this is a BrowserView, there is no __call__ because a BrowserView is not intended to be published as is. But you can have any method that returns HTML. If this is a Viewlet or a ContentProvider, there is a render method that returns the output. (provided you first call the update method)


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